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Teacher living quaters

School Children on New Furniture


Having recognized the need for basic education for its Citizens, Government of the Republic of Zambia introduced free basic education (FBE) in 2002 which has significantly improved access to primary education with a spiral effect on the secondary and tertiary education. However this support is not matched with teaching and learning materials because of the meagre resources and the vast extent of our country. This state of affairs has had a negative impact on the effectiveness of delivering services at primary, secondary and tertiary levels in the education sector.

Copperbelt Development Foundation Limited has realized the need for massive investment in education infrastructure & teaching materials to support the delivery of quality education on the Copperbelt & Shibuyunji districts (formerly part of Mumbwa) under whose ambit of operation it falls. The Foundation has invested millions of kwacha in construction of teacher’s accommodation, classroom accommodation, sanitation facilities, and provision of education materials and electrification of schools.

Together we can Improve lives by laying a foundation today for a better tomorrow for our children as education is the engine of sustainable development

Education Projects