Our principles guide us how we do our work. These principles demonstrate, with a greater degree of specificity, our commitment to the guiding principles set out in operations.They also provide the foundation for effective programming of future works. Involvement of CDFL Community Advisory Panel and affected Communities

1. We foster active and meaningful involvement of CDFL CAP and affected communities in our work

CDFL CAP and affected communities are involved in a variety of roles at different levels in our project identification, as managers, and participants in the design, implementation and evaluation of projects and services. This includes participation as speakers in meetings and conferences for community mobilization and sensitization.

Multi-Sectoral Partnerships

2. We build and sustain partnerships to support coordinated and comprehensive responses to Community Needs.

Multi-sectoral partnerships at all levels, from global to local, are essential in bringing together the necessary expertise, skills, leverage and coordination needed to respond effectively to Community needs. Government, public and private sector agencies are essential to a comprehensive and coordinated approach for effective project implementation.


3. We have transparent governance and are accountable to our communities and project application partners.

Governance bodies have clear written policies, which are effectively implemented in practice, and which address the following:

  • appointment and termination of members of the governing body.
  • identification and mitigation of conflicts of interest.
  • defined roles and responsibilities of the governing body, both individually and jointly, including strategic planning,financial probity.
  • accountability and reporting arrangements both internally and to CDFL Board partners and communities, where applicable.

Organisational Mission and Management

4. We have a clear mission supported by strategic objectives that are achieved through good management.

We have a clear mission statement, supported by a statement of values that underpin our work. Effective strategic and operational planning, together with effective human resources and financial systems, are essential to support the achievement of our mission. Operational planning, which includes clear time frames and performance indicators, support the achievement of strategic objectives, as are the allocation of financial and human resources needed to meet these indicators, and a strategic approach to human resources management. CDFL operational plans are linked to project plans and to individual work plans.

Organisational capacity

5. We develop and maintain the Organisational capacity necessary to support effective responses to Community needs and challenges.

We enable our staff to  develop and   maintain the  necessary capacity to effectively carry out their work including examining their own attitudes and beliefs and the impact these may have on their ability to provide the required service and to continually improving programming and work practices through effective programme planning, monitoring and evaluation cycle

Human Resources

6. We value, support and effectively manage our human resources.

Our strategic and operational plans provide strategic approach to human resources management, including:

  • explicitly valuing staff contributions.
  • allocating sufficient human and financial resources to achieve the objectives set, and clear management responsibility for staff, development and well-being.
  • Our human resources policies and procedures are effectively implemented to ensure: fair, transparent and effective recruitment and selection of staff including equal opportunity of employment consistent and clear guidance to staff regarding roles and responsibilities, including job description and development and regular review of staff work plans.
  • assessment of human resource capacity, linked to strategic planning.
  • Organisational learning by supporting the training and development of staff.
  • Security, safety and health of staff

Financial Resources

7. We manage financial resources in an efficient, transparent and accountable manner by ensuring:
  • that fund-raising strategies and funding sources are consistent with and supportive of our mission.
  • there is systemic preparation of budgets linked to strategic, operational and programme plans.
  • that budgeting supports the human resources and organisational capacity necessary to achieve our mission
  • there are internal control systems that enable production of regular, consistent and reliable financial information, which complies with legal requirements

Programme planning, monitoring and evaluation

8. We select appropriate partners in a transparent manner.

Transparent selection systems are needed to ensure identification of project partners that:

  • are the most appropriate to achieve the project objectives.
  • have the necessary financial and programmatic capacity to manage activities, or can be supported to develop financial and project capacity, and
  • are appropriate to work with identified beneficiary communities, including assessment of community credibility.
  • have a technical understanding of project specifications and quality control.
  • have capacity to complete projects on time
  • projects will benefit the community and not individuals
  • ownership is vested in the government of the Republic of Zambia, through line ministries or local authorities.