Medical Supplies

Nurse in charge and Copperbelt PS

Hospital Beds


The need for infrastructure improvement and provision in developing Zambia is critical. Untold numbers of households suffer from lack of reliable health infrastructure to provide the much needed service and prevent deaths that rob our country of future leaders. At the most basic level, millions of lives are threatened every day by lack of health institutions and services during sickness, pregnancies and child deliveries.

With CDFL operations on the Copperbelt Province and Shibuyunji District and while noting specific strengths and challenges, a quick analysis indicates that there are inequalities among residential areas, especially between rural and urban areas. In particular, these differences exist because of differing distances to the nearest medical care, especially during the high season for farming.

Realising this challenge, CDFL is working round the clock to bridge the gap and provide the much needed infrastructure support to the people of Copperbelt Province and Shibuyunji District.

Together we can Improve Lives and increase access to health services.